Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is Mesothelioma (Also called malignant mesothelioma)?

The next time you hear the disease, Mesothelioma, from one of your family doctor, friends, or parents, don’t ignore it. Though it is a kind of a cancer, I doubt very few people across the world might know lot about it.

Reason: It is very rare amongst people. Mesothelioma affects the mesothelial cells which are located at the outer layer which protects the major organs of our body like stomach, heart and even lungs.

Symptoms: Researches have concluded that it results when one comes in direct and unprotected contact to asbestos. The symptoms are very strange, which might be an intricate task to diagnose. The latency period of the disease is difficult to find out as well.

How is it caused: The people who have worn-out most of their lives under the regular exposure to asbestos; are the most prone people to this disease. The fibers and the dust coming out from the asbestos cause the mesothelium cell to become malfunctional.

Thus Mesothelioma is a dangerous cancerous disease case due to the malfunctioning of the tissue Mesothelium, which takes care of may important organs of your body.

Treatment: Mesothelioma is treated by combinations of surgery, direct radiations, and/or chemotherapy.

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